Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wine Country Weekend - Day One

I don't know if I have mentioned that while I am on a travel assignment, I continue to work my part-time job at Mercy in Redding, CA. This does not allow for much time off for fun, but this I have this weekend off while I am in Clearlake. My boyfriend drove down and we headed off to do some exploring. Our first stop was the Ceago Winery, the only "boat-in" winery on the lake (we drove in). The grounds were gorgeous and the wine was spectacular! Bubba tasted the whites while I sampled the reds. We left with three bottles. We drove past Tulip Hill Winery, which of course had a field of blooming tulips out front, but decided we better eat lunch before doing any more tasting:) Lunch/dinner (lunner?) was at the Blue Wing Saloon next to the Tallman Hotel in Upper Lake. We shared fish and chips and beef sliders with sweet potato fries...... with a wine selection from Tulip Hill. It was all delicious and we enjoyed dining out on their patio by the fountain. We continued our drive all the way around the lake (100 miles of shoreline), checking out the little towns as we passed. We made our way back to the fifth-wheel, after a brief stop at Walmart to buy a bucket...the hot water tank valve has started leaking:( After watching a movie, snuggled up in front of the fireplace, we fell asleep for 10 hours!

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