Monday, April 13, 2009

Medical Solutions

I am very happy to report that I love my new travel nurse company, Medical Solutions. I used Preferred Healthcare Staffing (AMN) for my last assignment and it was a nightmare! I opted to extend my 8 week assignment and ended up working without a contract for a while due to poor communication and multiple errors on the part of my recruiter and other members of her company. I spent countless hours on the phone and e-mailing just to get paid! In the end, they neglected to pay me the completion bonus that I was promised and after 2 months (yes, I gave them 2 months) of more phone calls and e-mails, I was forced to file a complaint with the labor board. Working with my Medical Solutions recruiter, Jeremiah Zech, has been delightful. I was placed in my first assignment quickly and seamlessly. My paychecks are always deposited on time and they are for the exact amount promised. In the middle of my assignment, I received in the mail a canvas tote bag and an electric foot massager:) They also have great tips on travel nursing at


Paulina said...

Hi Wendy! I'm so glad you found a good company to work with. I didn't realize how bad your experience with the first company was. I remember when you had issues with them, I hope all has been taken care of. I have not considered traveling anymore, at least not for a while anyway. It turned out to be to hard on the family, and ended up costing me more financially than I anticipated. But I'll never regret the experience. Any idea where you want to go next?

travelnursingblogs said...

I am glad you are having a good experience with Medical Solutions. And thanks for mentioning our blog. I have been reading yours and it is really entertaining. Thanks.