Monday, June 15, 2009

Southern Oregon

Ahhhhh, nothing like a spontaneous, carefree weekend getaway! We left friday evening for Ashland and caught the opening night performance at the outdoor Elizabethan theater of Henry VIII. Yes, it was raining and there was a touch of lightning, but our "cheap" seats were under the balcony so we stayed completely dry:) I don't know who I felt more sorry for...the patrons who paid top dollar for their rain drenched seats or the actors in their heavy rain-soaked period costumes? Saturday we went to Jacksonville and caught their parade celebrating Oregon's 150th birthday. Great parade, streets lined with people who all knew each other, complete with a HILARIOUS outhouse race. The winners...... the local sewer service company of course!
Sunday morning we slept in and watched the start of the Nascar race, then headed back to Ashland where we finished watching the super exciting race (congrats to Mark Martin!!) over burgers and chicken strips at Louie's Bar before catching another play (Macbeth). Obviously too much Shakespeare in one weekend for Bubba, who tortured me on our walk through Lithia Park afterward by speaking in mock Shakespeareanese! hee hee Still, nothing can spoil walking through Lithia Park while eating a carmel chocolate apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Next time we will go to the cabaret dinner theater.....and maybe see a non-Shakespeare play;)

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