Saturday, February 28, 2009

Level One?

I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of care the staff at St. Helena Clearlake provide. They are very good to their patients. Last night was interesting, we had a 29 weeker present in PTL and 4cm dilated! Remember, this is a level one unit!!! Since there is no pharmacist here at night, the supervisor had to hunt down some Magnesium Sulfate partial fills in the ER so I could give my bolus.....crazy, I know:) Unfortunately, we couldn't get her stable enough to transport so she had to deliver here! Lucky for us, the UCSF NICU transport team arrived here before the baby and everything went well. I have been spoiled working at a level three facility all these years. Tonight.... a nice full term labor patient for me, yeah!


Lighthouse said...

Great Job! Exciting new assignment! What a beautiful area. :)

Lighthouse said...

I am working at SAFH per diem now. I needed more hours and SAFH doesn't have more hours available right now. So I picked up a full time position at SRMC in L&D. Things are plugging along 30+ deliveries a month or so at SAFH. It is fun to work there & I do miss it.